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Guitarist, songwriter, recording hobbyist/artist, nice guy

"Truth is such a rare and irreparable gift, toward others and toward oneself." - Rob Wesley

  • Jammed, practiced & played guitar with Led Zeppelin (aka The New Yardbirds)
    one night on January 21, 1969, Hunt Armory, Pittsburgh, PA
  • Became the "official fifth member" of the band, but ended up withdrawing,
    since he was only 16 years, 11 months old!
  • Author, book "Led Zeppelin: My Night as the Right Fifth Member"
    currently out-of-print, and being rewritten and expanded
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    Corporate executive
    Clinical Pastoral Counselor
    Retired Army chaplain
    Ph.D. Psychology of Religion
    Disabled Veteran


    Led Zeppelin - 21 January 1969
    Hunt Armory
    Pittsburgh PA
    5th member- Rob Wesley

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    Rob celebrated
    50 years of guitar playing November 26, 2013!
    (November 26, 1963)

    "I am looking for pics taken of me with Led Zeppelin (playing as The New Yardbirds) at the Hunt Armory, Pittsburgh PA January 1969. Please contact me if you have any knowledge of these photos! My grandmother had just died and my parents made me get my hair cut off, so I looked like a pretty nerdy 16-year-old in the pics, with black frame glasses. Photos were taken of us together by several fans, as well as a freelance photographer covering the concert for the Pittsburgh Press and Pittsburgh Post-Gazette newspapers.
    Thanks!" - Rob


    Want to test your musical coordination? Here's the old music-talent coordination test used by
    Carnegie-Mellon's School of Music (CMU), and I believe may have been originated at either its predecessor
    Carnegie Tech, or at Rochester (Kodak?) School of Music.
    1) use one foot to stomp quarter-notes in 4/4 time.
    2) use the other foot to stomp half-notes (either 1 & 3 or 2 & 4, your choice).
    f3) use one hand to tap 8th-notes.
    4) the other hand does triplets, while maintaining the first three.


    dance and swing-era musicians, Rob's parents.

    Therica band history and name origin- Rob's high school band.

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